This is the other side to the story:

Given the number of Jewish families multiplied by the number of children attending each year, multiplied by the number of years of attendance, three families filing this lawsuit is statistically insignificant, and requires a closer look at motivation.

Three claims of Anti-Semitism compared to the number of cases of bullying district wide and then county wide, reveals a significant pattern that illustrates bullying is a serious and persistent problem in all schools and no matter what form it takes, and has nothing to do with "pervasive Anti-Semitism."

The statement of Assistant United States Attorney Michael Byars, of New York's Southern District, that "in sum, there are genuine issues of material fact in the record on summary judgment that raise questions as to whether the district was deliberately indifferent to the known harassment," from a recently submitted brief, lead me to their web site.

While visiting the site, a click on the "BRIEFING ROOM" link lead to an enlightened article on bullying by Steven M. Dettelbach, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio and Chair of the Civil Rights Subcommittee of the Attorney General's Advisory Committee.

In his essay he talks about the U.S. Attorney's Office being a partner with the communities and school districts to find solutions to the problems of bullying which impinge on EVERYONE's Civil Rights.

The U. S. Attorney seems to have a Bi-Polar approach to this problem, and the New York Southern District's approach is reckless. It is based on POLITICAL IMPERATIVES established by politicians with an agenda to advance. We all know that Cuomo and Schneiderman have irons in this fire.

Further, it ignores all studies that are currently changing the way educators think about the Adolescent Brain and its physical and neurological inability to consider actions v consequences in the same way adult minds are able to process those qualitative and comparative values.

It is a complete perversion of the Office of the U.S. Attorney, and an example of the evil which judicial power can wield in the wrong hands for the wrong purposes.

Both the Governor of New York State and the U.S. Attorney for New York's Southern District have irresponsibly and with premeditated malice, interfered with ongoing investigations and the litigation of a private Federal Civil Action.

If I were an attorney and I were defending the Pine Bush School District and the good name of the community, I would be asking for a mistrial and a change of venue away from the corrupt hands of Cuomo and those he influences.

So, I will stand by the following comment relative to the latest articles and proclamations by the press and government officials.

The propaganda mill grinds on, and Shalom Lamm's campaign of religious and verbal terrorism via Weiser of the New York Times, Cuomo and Mr. Bharara of the U.S. Attorney's Office continues.

Are they looking into the connection between two of the litigants and an Energy Distribution Executive and an Airport Service Industry Executive with the same names as two of the litigants.


1. Is Jerrold Rosen a named parent of an aggrieved child, the same Jerrold Rosen who is a Principal of Infinity Aviation Capital LLC, an Aircraft leasing and finance company; a Principal of KJ Aviation Services Inc.; formerly, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Aviation Investors International, Inc. and formerly Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Sentry Financial Corporation.

2. Is David Cohen a named parent of an aggrieved child, the same David Cohen who is Vice President and General Counsel and founding Member and Principal of APX Energy, LLC., and who is an attorney with over 20 years of experience in corporate securities law and securities litigation; who has provided transactional legal expertise in connection with over $250,000,000 in oil and gas investments, includeing lease acquisitions, drilling activities and infrastructure development; who has served as general counsel for a sponsor of oil and gas programs and engaged in the private practice of law in Buffalo, NY, and finally, served as a staff attorney with the Broker-Dealer Enforcement Division of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission in the New York Regional Office in New York City.

3: Sherri Eccleston, also a named parent of an aggrieved is an employee of R.J. Smith's Real Estate Company which has had ongoing business relationship with Shalom Lamm. Mr. Smith is also a Pine Bush School Board Member.

A real investigation would address any association of litigants to Lamm's operation of the Mamakating Airport and Ambit Energy and whether those business relationships are being used to illegally launder or transfer funds for use in Lamm's land acquisitions.

Also, establishing a hostile atmosphere in Pine Bush is NECESSARY to solidify Lamm's need of Yeshivas to service his planned and DOCUMENTED Hassidic takeover of Bloomingburg and surrounding areas; this is a a logical motive for the litigation and establishes a need to construct private schools, Yeshivas, for the children of the new KJ West.


And, while Lamm continues to PUBLICLY label the affected community members as "HATERS" and Moses Kestenbaum says things like, "Mr. XXXXX CCCCC and VVVVV are self hating jews that betray their fellow jews. XXXXX CCCCC's great grandfather was a rabbi and he is, I am sure, turning over in his grave now after the despicable racist talk that CCCCC is spouting against fellow jews."

Mr. Kestenbaum of ODA in Brooklyn has said much more and much worse, but neither he or Lamm are being investigated for their religious and verbal terrorism.

This is particularly astounding since, Mr. Kestenbaum of ODA in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY is an official of the government funded organization, ODA, and apparently the entire Kestenbaum family is on the payroll for Millions of Federal Dollars every year.

The ODA has received over $52,000,000 of taxpayers dollars that made the Kestenbaum family very rich over the years. The ODA window program, small business SBA, Health and food funds, have been said to apparently be a huge kick back scam.

We should stop filing law suits and start hiring private investigators to look into the above issues and Lamm's financing. Is there a flow of money from ODA in Brooklyn, or from Israel? Is the Federal Government covering up foreign Israeli influence peddling in American local politics?

Is there a connection to other illegal money sources? Lamm's cash exchanges for property would be an effective way to launder money from such illegal sources.

And, Ambit Energy would be a good way to funnel money to all of the public officials listed as "consultants" for Ambit who are connected to the enterprise and are in a position to decide issues relative to the project.